Zellara watches curiously as Louis shuffles her Harrow deck and lays down nine cards in three rows of three cards each. When he is done setting down the cards, she holds her hands over the facedown cards briefly before flipping over the first column of three cards, starting with the top card, then middle, then bottom. Her eyebrow quirks at the unusual array.

“This is your past,” she explains, then taps the cards from top to bottom. “Your positive, unclear, and negative past. The Rakshasa – misaligned.” She studies the card with no small amount of interest. “The Rakshasa is a card of dominance and mind control. The creature sitting on the back of the slave indicates an exterior force imposing itself upon another being. Occasionally, this slavery is literal, but more often it is mental enslavement to a force or idea. However, this card is misaligned, indicating that this dominating force has worked in your favor.”

Zellara’s painted nail taps the next card as she says, “The Winged Serpent is your unclear past. Knowledge and prudence are separate beings bridged by understanding. The couatl represents this bridge. You have always had a knack for telling when to strike and when to hold, and your wisdom in this has served you well in the past. But the effect of your skills is unclear; it is, perhaps, both good in serving your purposes and bad in skewing your confidence.”

With that warning, Zellara moves onto the next card. “Your negative past is the Queen Mother. This card represents knowledge personified. Hmmm…” Looking back and forth between The Rakshasa and The Queen Mother, Zellara pauses to consider her words before continuing. “Strange… This card seems to be the foil of The Rakshasa in your fate. This Queen Mother has been in your past, hidden, as The Rakshasa has remained hidden. She is fond of the powerless and the underclasses, for they serve her when the more powerful refuse. She represents the need to become part of a society, or to bow before those who know more than you.”

Zellara shakes her head, her tightly-curled black locks falling loose from the pins in her headscarf. “Though The Queen Mother and The Rakshasa are the cards of your past, they are too strong, too tied together, and too reminiscent of your Spirit Card, The Twin, to discount. These forces have shaped you, have led you to your present, but they are not done with you yet. Beware them both.”

Flipping over the next column of cards makes Zellara’s worried look smooth into a wry smile. “Your present; positive, unclear, and negative. The Survivor is your positive present. This card represents a person surrounded by his fallen comrades, who has found something thought lost. The reason you come to me today is illustrated here in the cards! Gaedren Lamm’s thugs have kidnapped your friends, and they won’t survive without you. If you can live through tonight’s ordeal, you will rescue them safely.” She peered at the card and added, “Tonight’s challenge may also lead you to that which you have lost – a dear thing that you are searching for.”

((TBC, GM is still writing))


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